Wasp Drive

WD main2 Wasp Drive The Wasp Drive is a  distortion / filter device. It uses the same VCF model as from the EDP wasp but adding tweaks and modifications to really bring out the noise!! Built into a robust folded aluminum case, with large chunky layout , an intuitive layout, LED rate indicator and rubber feet, it is an excellent choice for live performance as well as experimentation in the studio. A diverse filter capable of adding grit and punch to drums, ambient sweeps, filter wobble and plain crazy noise.

Sound Samples

Self Oscillation – No input, just the VCF squealing with to much resonance Make a synth sound EDP Wasp-ish – read the soundcloud comments to see whats happening, played on TAL_Bass the VST Plugin. Drum Track Francoise Hardy through the filter Using with Guitar Mic Directly in

Customer Samples

Synfinity – Dr. Rhythem Gets a Wasp Sting Synfinity – Dark Wasp Energy


  1. Cutoff – Adjusts the cutoff point of the filter
  2. ‘Q’ - This is resonance, at max it self oscillates
  3. Response – Has Low Pass, Band Pass or High Pass option
  4. LFO speed – speed of the cutoff modulating LFO
  5. LFO Depth – depth at which the LFO modulates the cutoff
  6. Gain - capable of driving the input up-to 10x
  7. Oscillate switch – On the side is a switch to prevent the filter oscillating, this is useful if you are plugging it into a high gain device such as a guitar amp, as it can be deafening!

Customer Quotes

“When it’s fed a signal from my korg M500 or Yamaha cs01 it makes the filter sweeps sound incredibly waspy – especially with the resonance up high. I’m using it live with my band in conjunction with a Copilotfx Molecule (a tremolo pedal where the rate of modulation depends on the frequencies present at the input). The ability to drive the input is fantastic and I’ve found that this alone can give quite a unique sounding distortion.  It sounds great with my Casio SK-8 as well, playing the ‘organ’ preset driven very hard into the pedal, and using the bandpass with high resonance and lfo modulation has produced some incredible rhythmic textures.” – Chris le Monde of CLOUT!


  • Box Dimension – 133mmx102mmx38mm
  • Power – 9v (approx 10ma) Power adapter – 2.1mm DC jack tip negative
  • Input and Output – 1/4″ Mono Audio Jacks

WD LEFT 300x224 Wasp DriveWD RIGHT 300x224 Wasp DriveWD Back 300x224 Wasp DriveWD Front 300x224 Wasp Drive

Ordering and Production Status

No longer in production – out of stock

Thankyou for everyone who bought one – there are around 40 out there!!

Price : £99.99 + P&P (£6 UK, £8.11 Europe, £15 Rest of Word) Power supply not included, available separately for £10 (adapts to UK, Europe and North America)  shown below: PSU 300x300 Wasp Drive

3 Responses to Wasp Drive

  1. Jordan Postrel says:

    i played around with this filter at the namm show and i must have have! please tell me where i can buy one.

  2. kike says:

    I want this filter. Don´t works never more in this model?

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