The Wasp Deluxe was an enhancement on the original Wasp, they removed the touch keyboard, put it in a big wooden case with a real keyboard and added an oscillator mixer and an external audio input and that was about it. The component designators (IC1… IC2…C1…R100 etc) are all the same as the original wasp.

I purchased this synthesizer completely broken a few weeks ago in a very bad state, the circuit was non functioning and there had been some heavy modification to the panels. If you look at the photos you can see the back panel has been removed and the connector section cut out and attached to the front of the synth. Also holes were drilled around the wasp logo ( I presume this must have been for some modification pots or input jacks?)

There was little I could do about this so the panel was left and the holes in the case and panel remain, the upside is I managed to completely overhaul the circuit repairing all its issues and cleaning all the knobs and switches.

I will soon be setting up a Wasp technical page with my own schematics and details to support these synthesizers.

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From looking at the circuitry I assume somebody tried to add external CV control to the circuit as there was evidence that a wire had been soldered to the CV input of the filter. What I am guessing is that they put too much current into the VCF as the OTA’s were completely busted and I had to replace them both.

A problem I also found was that because the rotary switches hold the PCB to the panel after years of holding the weight of the PCB it caused them to split apart and fail. Thankfully Alpha Taiwan make rotary switches that are identical and readily available from most suppliers.

Surprisingly the keyboard is in excellent condition, it definitly makes it a far more playable synthesizer without the touch keyboard, but it does make it quite a standard synth, for its size I would much rather have a Pro-one or a Mini Moog!!!

EDP Wasp Deluxe Demo after Repair by Clacktronics Repair