This was a one off project to see if I could fit MIDI into the simple MFOS soundlab (Designed by Ray Wilson see ) it was built from parts I had laying around including a MIDImplant (, basically I was attempting to try and make it perform like a monosynth. Below is a list of the modifications done.

  • MIDI control of pitch and trigger

  • MIDI control of cutoff and amplitude by mod wheel

  • Pitch of VCO’s are modified around 0 (means you can get a vibrato without the fundamental pitch moving )

  • It runs off and AC adapter (included) so no batteries.

  • Master Octave selection switch and detune on VCO2

The Soundlab is capable of some fantastic analogue vintage sounds as well as some quite interesting new ones. Especially due to its unusual filter design that can be quite gristley. It isn’t fantastically accurate as a monosynth but if I wanted that I would buy a cheap commercial one!

It is for sale here

I am also selling this keyboard puts out 1V/Oct CV and triggers as well as portamento controls also made from circuits at musicfromouterspace. See here

Mod Details coming soon ….