I found this Realistic Reverb in quite a bad state without a case at a car boot sale, I was intrigued, this is one of those effects that are notorious for all the wrong reasons! Noisy and not really a reverb more of a short delay or flanger (with no modulation.) Once I fixed it up I proceeded to modify a few parts to make it more experimental and push it to its extremes.  The slide pots were completely busted so I had to replace them. I adjusted the controls so that at moderate levels it will operate like normal but also can be pushed to the extreme. In this post I will describe how they work and how you can implement these mods yourself.

Modified Realistic Reverb - Microphone Input by Clacktronics Repair

Modified Realistic Reverb - Tibetan Buddihist Rights by Clacktronics Repair

The face was made by laser printing on Lazertran then wetting , applying then baking in the oven, it creates a very durable graphic. THe DC jack was left in place and is stuck through the enclosure through a square hole.


It is quite simple, locate R21 (on the board it is simply labeled ‘21’) and replace. then replace VR2 the slider with a IMLog one, you can also use 1m linear if you cannot get a Log one. The switches are optional, they are only really necessary if you need to re-house it or if you want to get rid of the phono input on ‘Line.’

It really come alive with no input and just feedback as demonstrated below

Modified Realistic Reverb - No input noise generation by Clacktronics Repair