LED hoop I quite often get approached by artists and designers to produce electronic parts for them. Recently I seem to have made a lot of LED projects! Above is part of a series of LED hoops that were commissioned for the band Django Django. This was by the artist Kim Coleman who needed them as a part of her stage design for the band.

Photo credit : Django Django

First a Series of 3 hoops were made (pictured above, middle frame) theese were very basic white LED chains made from discrete 5mm diffused white LED’s. I know it is a bit crazy doing a point to point chain of LEDs but I needed them to be difused! Then for their large performance at Sheppards Bush Empire I made RGB hoops that had smiley faces, I learnt my lesson and theese are RGB tape with epoxy coating to help diffusion. Each segment ( the hoop and the 2 eyes and the mouth ) could be RGB DMX controlled by the lighting engineer.

Finally I also made an interesting piece of lighting for the artist Ryan Gander, he commissioned me to find a way to make a flickering light that lasts.  As shown below (apologies for the mess!) here is a program I wrote to simulate bulb flicker. My solution is LED so it is completely solid state, the electronics were designed to withstand sub-zero conditions as it had to be used outside during winter in Denmark!

The code is fairly simple and parametric so it can be modified to make all sorts of flickering. See github link below.

GitHub - Flicker_box