Shapeoko2 2014 nothing happened… Finally I am back, I have been occupied for a while. I decided to move the website away from wordpress as I was geting sick of the constant updates and moved to somthing a little bit more geeky. I am now using Jekyll a script that generates the website offline using markdown as the templating system. I hope to make the website a little cleaner and more about content. Thigs have advanced a lot since I last updated, I now have a fully working 3d printer (Prusa i2) and a CNC router (shapeoko 2) both aready not the latest model! This means I have much more capability to produce one off objects ( read synthesizer panels! ). Clacktronics is still homeless but by the end of the year (2015) I hope to have a fully functional shed workshop!

I hope to release 2 new pedals within the next few months. One is the Wasp Drive MKII and the other is called the ArDuinA I leave it upto you to decide what that is!