Clacktronics is trying to improve the Analogue drum lab and I am looking for information about them. This could be in schematic in repair manual form ( might possibly be none existent ) or perhaps you own a unit? Even if it is broken I am interested, I will repair if for free! Otherwise I am even interested if all you can provide is photograph of the PCB top and bottom. This is also a notice that lots of new information will be uploaded soon to the drum lab!

Star Instruments created some very interesting designs in the mid-70’s until the 80’s. Because of when they were designed ( an probably on a budget ) many of the parts are quite basic and off the shelf rather than the bespoke chip Roland drum machines you see. Luckily that means quite a lot of the parts are still available today such as OTA’s and CMOS chips. Which makes them perfect material for re-construction and analysis.

The Sounds are quite typical but get interesting when the pitch is pushed right down.